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Description: + 2015
+ made of finest mohair
+ blue, standing
+ not jointed, surface washable
+ limited edition of 2000 pces
+ with gold plated "Button in Ear"
+ 22cm

"Thanks for noticing me!" Once again Eeyore feels all alone in the world. He has just rebuilt his little wooden house at the southern end of the Hundred Acre Wood. Now he trots over to Pooh and Piglet to have a good cry. Suddenly a ray of sunlight falls at his feet. He blinks, looks around and realizes that his friends have set up a honey picnic under the tree. Yummy, he thinks and laughs: "Hey you two, that's perfect!" His day is saved... Eeyore the donkey complements the Steiff's Winnie the Pooh series from 2013.
Size: 22cm
Price: POA

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