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+ made of finest mohair
+ black/white
+ 5 way jointed, surface washable
+ limited editon of 1500
+ with gold plated "Button In Ear"
+ 34cm

Available May 2017


Sylvester.....the quintessential tomcat. All cat food he can eat, and still he insists on following his instinct and persistently pursues the most elusive of meals Tweety, Sylvester, however, has been a slave to his instincts since the beginning of his long film career.
Sylvester debuted uttering the line, "Sufferin' Succotash!" which would become his classic trademark. Freleng tried several versions of the cat-chase -bird formula, beginning with a cartoon with a diabolical twist: Sylvester stumbles upon a suicidal lovebird who has had a fight with his wife and is now intent on finding his way into Sylvester's mouth! Puzzled by the bird's desire to be devoured, Sylvester immediately becomes suspicious and refuse to eat the bird. Sylvester eventually relents, but the bird receives a telegram from his wife asking him to return home. The tables turn and Sylvester chases the bird, until the end of the cartoon when the wife returns and the bird once again wants to be eaten.
Size: 34cm
Price: POA

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