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Description: MURRAY RIVER

Series: Icons Of Australia
Designer: Kerry Goodwin
Shape: 25/9
Edition: 50

The serpentine banks of the Murray River mark the border of Victoria, New South Wales, and southern Queensland. Winter snow falls heavily up in the Australian Alps, followed by a big melt in spring. Icy water flushes down it veins and the Murray River swells its billabongs and swamps in the lowlands between Mannum and Wellington. When the summer comes along and its moisture starts to dwindle, it idles along like a great green snake between steep cliffs, watched by the massive eucalyptus trees all waiting patiently for another flood. Its habits are appreciated by those who live off its rich bounty of callop, perch, mulloway and cod. Pleasantly untouched by industrialisation, bar the odd paddle steamer carrying wool or wheat decades ago, the Murray River has remained abundant with lifeforms. In her design, Kerry captures this tranquillity of it all by painting deep aquamarine blues and greens in the gentle water which can be seen through a border of flowering eucalyptus, all sheathed by a mellow evening sky.
Size: 23CM
Price: $ 1790.00

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