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Year: 2014
Series: Catalogue Collection
Designer: Nicola Slaney
Edition: 100
Shape: RM2/6
Retired: 2014

It is a narrative familiar to many children at some point in their lives: a heroic and courageous man who guided by his faith, saved the lives and future of hundreds of animals upon the revelation that the world would be flooded. Whilst interpretations of the Book of Genesis vary, the artistic representation of the narrative of the flood is something undoubtedly special. In a delightfully playful design, we see the furry faces of a panda and a tiger, the mighty tusks of an elephant and the pink nose of a zebra, all poking out from the safety of the ark, even though lightning strikes above and the ocean whirls furiously below. As the vase is rotated, the clouds part to reveal a dove in flight, while paired animals rejoice under a clearing sky as they prepare to disembark from Noah's ark. It is a colourful and spirited sight and one which has captured the imagination of both child and adult for thousands of years.
Size: 15cm
Price: $ 2729.00

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