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Year: 2018
Series: Moorcroft Club Renewal Design
Designer: Rachel Bishop
Shape: 780/4

Ever since the senior designer at Moorcroft, Rachel Bishop, introduced her Fuchsia vase as her inaugural Collectors Club piece in 1993, the flower has continued to provoke serious thoughts in her mind. Club members will not be surprised to learn that to design the 2018 Moorcroft Club renewal piece, Rachel searched the Moorcroft archives and the depths of her own imagination to produce "Skipping Flowers", a coaster design featuring reddish pink fuchsia blooms with purple centres and long stamens. This is a design of movement. The flower tendrils hang across slender green leaves creating the impression of a skipping rope attached to the flower with the stamens dancing in unison. For a small, delicate piece of Moorcroft, the effect is mesmerising whilst the vibrant colours used by the designer add a dimension which makes Skipping Flowers a design to enjoy.
Size: 10cm
Price: $ 173.00

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