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Description: LOVELOCK

Year: 2012
Series: Catalogue Collection
Designer: Kerry Goodwin
Edition: Open
Designer: Kerry Goodwin
In simple design terms Lovelock is said to be one of the best Moorcroft ranges created by the young Moorcroft designer to date. Originally, it had been designed it to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Katherine Middleton where her bells would chime as an artistic chorus. As it happened, the design’s range pedigree was realised, and Kerry worked meticulously to weave the design onto a number of Art Nouveau Moorcroft shapes. Our sincere apologies to the palace. This design was described by television celebrity and valuer, Eric Knowles, as ‘stunningly beautiful’ with lavender-blue tubular shaped bluebells recurved at the ends, and set against a burnt marigold-yellow ground in effortless movement. This is one of a rare breed of designs that is elegant, organic and well-structured with a timeless appeal. Interestingly, William Moorcroft’s Harebell (1902-4) is one of the rarest pieces of Moorcroft to come onto the market these days and highly sort after as a result. For many, England’s native bluebell is their best loved flower. Emily Bronte, a classic wordsmith, in her poem The Bluebell touches on the spirit of the flower. In much the same way, Kerry Goodwin captures the essence of this nostalgic flower with a cracker of a classic design for the discerning collector and originally created to celebrate a Royal love union.
The Bluebell is the sweetest flower
That waves in summer air:
Its blossoms have the mightiest power
To soothe my spirit's care.
Price: $ 642.00

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