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DOVE OF PEACE 1914 - 1918




Description: DOVE OF PEACE

Year: 2018
Series: War Commemorative Collection
Designer: Lisa Law
Modeller: Mark Delf
Edition: 1111

The Dove Of Peace has been designed to significantly illustrate in delicate 22 carat gold detail a recognition story of remembrance
Design worthy of remembrance with the soldiers returning from war, with a symbol of poppies to signify peace, three feathers representing a dream of hope, promise and peace and a scrolled message of "Lest We Forget", noteworthy to complement the sundial with the figure 11:11 referencing 'when the sun goes down we will remember them" and the commemorative date together with two illustrative bells signifying the end of war which again will ring out in unison across the country on the 11th November 2018 as a mark of respect.
With a heart pattern throughout and olive branches to emulate the wings of the dove, the design is completed with a wonderfully illustrated a pair of hands, cupped around the body of the bird to represent a cupping of forgiveness whilst referencing the release of a dove to represent freedom

The design inspiration behind the Dove of Peace signifies:
* World War One from 1914 - 1918
* Two bells representing the end of war
* Three feathers representing hope, promise and peace
* Four Poppies covering four years of war
Size: 9.5cm
Price: $ 390.00

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