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YEAR: 2021
SERIES: Australia New Zealand Exclusive
DESIGNER: Nicola Slaney
SHAPE: 192/7

Sometimes a bird has a knack throughout centuries of evolution to capture our attention and embrace our goodwill, spiritual affection and inexplicable attraction. The Silvereye is one such bird. Admittedly it can be traced across vast tracts of the Southern Hemisphere where its white eye ring seems almost designed to command our attention. Silvereye are small, affectionate little birds whose sole purpose in life seems to be to confide in you as a guest in its territory. Partial to most wild fruits, nectar and insects, it unashamedly takes most food and scraps put out for it by representatives of the human species entering its open territory. However, a particular favourite are early amethyst berries or purple beauty berries as they are sometimes known. Moorcroft designer, Nicola Slaney, noticed this and incorporated the fruit into her design to add a depth of colour and variety. Cleverly, the designer has worked the two images together to create a design of remarkable charm and authenticity.
Size: 17.5cm
Price: $ 1172.00

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