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Year: 2019
Designer: Lisa Law
Modeller: Brian & June Branscombe
Edition: 1000

The Heritage Ram is a true celebration of Derbyshire as intricate 22ct gold designs adorn the Ram, Derby�s regimental mascot and heraldic emblem. Adding to the collectability of this piece, only 1,000 will be manufactured.
Royal Crown Derby Designer, Lisa Law, has not only created a striking piece of art, but has skilfully woven a story throughout. This piece contains many local references including the map of Derbyshire across the Ram�s back and famous Peak District beauty spots including Kinder Scout, the Mill Stones and the Stepping Stones at Dovedale, artistically referenced around the base.

The artwork depicts Derby�s industrial heritage including a railline tail, jet turbine horns and a cog motif; playful nods to Derby�s past and present association with the rail, aerospace, mining and engineering industries.

In the Viking period Derby was known as Deoraby, meaning village of Deer. Lisa has incorporated the outline of a buck into the design of this highly collectable piece along with sketches of Royal Crown Derby�s factories both past and present.

A true mark of history, heritage and of Derbyshire�s artistic provenance is placed across the chest of the Heritage Ram; one of the earliest known Royal Crown Derby backstamps from 1782.
Size: 14cm
Price: $ 399.00

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